Refining your website can be challenging as you will need to update your code quite a bit in order to make your webpages perform much faster. On the other hand, you are able to greatly enhance your web site’s functionality, with no need to adjust anything at all in the background. Thanks to the Web Accelerators, included in the Control Panel, you can make your sites work and function faster than ever. This will not simply reward your users (everyone likes the web page they are checking out to work fast), but will even help your site climb higher in search engines.

Dealing with the Web Accelerators is generally easy. Just log into the Control Panel to find out how each of them performs.


RAM–saving as an alternative to database calls

The Memcached tool is perfect for improving website loading speeds by memorizing the data–base data that is requested by your customers. It’s a robust distributed memory object caching platform, allowing for information and objects to be cached in the RAM as an alternative to being loaded when a user opens a page.

This system is good for your database–powered sites or applications where your clients invest plenty of time surfing and also loading information. Memcached is located in the advanced instruments section of the Control Panel.

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RAM–memorizing rather than HTTP requests

In case you have content–loaded dynamic websites with lot’s of visuals as well as clips, you will certainly need to make sure that your pages work really fast for the website visitors. An outstanding instrument you have available is the Varnish HTTP accelerator that will help you speed up your websites without demanding that you possess any specialized computing capabilities.

Varnish caches all requests to the server with the server memory and ships the pages instantly to the visitor by evading brand–new requests for the server. This way, all pages on your site are going to be delivered 300 – 1000x times more quickly to your website visitors. Also, you can choose whether the inbound calls will be managed by Varnish, or by the server, etcetera.

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Construct scalable apps easily

Node.js supplies an innovative programming platform for establishing flexible web apps and websites in a record breaking speed. It could be utilized for nearly anything – from coping with API calls, streaming documents as well as parsing emails to converting pictures, audio files, video clips and office docs.

It is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and takes advantage of an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and powerful. Furthermore, Node.js is known for a large loyal community that produces frequent revisions for the platform and is also at all times willing to aid.

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